Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Vijay - My new phone Sony Ericsson z520a

Today, I got my new phone..... Sony Ericsson z520a. The phone is small, sleek and much better than my old phone Motorola v300. I like the phone and recommend to anyone. More info about the phone can be found at Sony Ericsson Website.

This is how it looks:

Hoohoo, done with my first blog posting...

Narsi Engagement

We are delighted to inform that Narsi is getting engaged with Aarthi on Feb 8th 2006.

He won't be there (in India) to attend the function. I know it sounds a little weird but apparently he says it is pretty common practice. Its rather depressing to know that you won't be able to witness the demise of your bachelorhood. But hearty congratulations from members of Parkvan.